Marvelous mustard: Condiment, medicine and household cleaner

Mustard is a popular condiment around the world, with everyone knowing its distinct flavor when used in sandwiches and barbecues. The use of mustard as a condiment is thought to have originated in Ancient Rome where it was used to flavor roasted boar. According to a article, the seasoning eventually became well-known in the French city of Dijon in the 13th century.

Aside from its flavor, mustard is also valued for its nutrient content. The condiment is an excellent source of essential nutrients including selenium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. Likewise, mustard is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that boost heart health and antioxidants that fortify the body’s immunity and stave off inflammation.

Mustard is a widely used remedy for a plethora of illnesses, including:

  • Cancer – Mustard is packed with allyl isothiocyanate (AITC), a compound that holds potential in cancer treatment. (Related: Surprise! Why common mustard is one of the healthiest cancer-fighting foods you’ll ever discover.)
  • Asthma – Rubbing mustard on the chest helps relieve congestion and asthma attacks.
  • Burns – An article notes that mustard can be used as a topical treatment for burns.
  • Muscle issues – Mustard is known to effectively relax the muscles. For best results, add two tablespoons of mustard powder, a few drops of essential oil and a few pinches of Epsom salt to a drawn bath.

The condiment is also a surprisingly effective alternative to personal care products, and can be used as:

  • Face mask – Mustard is known to soothe the skin. However, experts recommend testing the condiment on the wrist first as some people may have allergic reactions to mustard.
  • Foot scrub – The condiment helps relax the feet after a long day’s work. It is advisable to add mustard to a basin of warm water for best results.
  • Hair conditioner – Mustard oil is touted as an excellent conditioner. Beauty experts recommend applying a generous amount of mustard oil on the scalp and leaving it for eight hours or overnight for optimal results.

Other surprising uses for mustard

Aside from being a health and beauty alternative, mustard can also be used in a variety of industrial and agricultural applications. These include:

  • Emergency dishwasher – Mustard powder is an excellent dishwasher as it effectively absorbs grease. An article posted on the My Family Survival Plan website notes that adding two parts mustard powder to one part baking soda makes for a powerful dishwashing solution.
  • Deodorizer – Likewise, mustard powder is known to rid bottles and dishes of foul odor from food residues.
  • Weed killer – Mustard seeds are found to release certain nutrients during germination that turn the soil into a hostile environment for weeds.

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